Thursday, 18 March 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

Changes to our Thriller

Looking at the feedback and comments form others, we decided to change the first part of the film. The main reasons for this are that we thought it was plain, boring and long-winded until the twist happened. We have decided to make Jake (the driver) more of an extreme teenager by having him smoking a 'joint' in the car then having him shouting out the window at a girl which shows he is inconsiderate and does not care. After this we see him on the phone which shows he does not care about the law or the safety of himself and others. After this we see him fiddling round in the glove box whilst driving which is also a safety issue.
We also decided to delete the music we had originally which was Owl City-Fireflies and recorded in the car, songs which were on the car CD which meant they were listened to by teenagers because Jake is a teenager himself. The music we had was Young Money - Bedrock and Lil. Wayne - Mrs. Officer which are mainstream but teenagers will recognize these songs and relate to them.
We also deleted all of the McDonald's scenes because we believe this did not add anything to our film and was too tedious and plain. We decided to make it more interesting and less boring by having all of the features mentioned above.

We are extremely pleased with our final product and are much happier with this shooting than our last shooting we performed.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Re-filming our thriller - Day 1

We had one day to make some slight changes to our film and make Jake the driver more of a 'teenager' and a slight 'rebel'. We began by shooting more shots inside of the car by having Jake smoking a spliff right at the beginning of the film. After this, we filmed him shouting at the window which seemed like he was shouting at a girl (however, we did not actually shout at ANYONE!). We then filmed him shouting at a car in front yelling at him to 'MOVE!'. Lastly we had the shot of a phone call from his mate where Jake replies 'Yeah! I'm f***ing gonna do it now mate'. We were very pleased with all the shots when we put them on final cut and began to edit the whole combined filming with credits and different effects.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Storyboard of Re-filming

Storyboard of our new film.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Feedback and Evaluation

Good Points:

-Great sound in the car
-Good angles
-Good point of view shot
-Boot opening Shot
-Ending shot of shovel coming down is very effective
-Good use of props eg car, spade
-Good Shots of driving
-Nice use of probs
-ironic music for a killer

Points to improve:

-More sound
-too much driving
-music didn't fit
-music is odd
-a lot of driving around
-relay short clip of random music
-music doesn't fit dietetics
-some clips a bit too long
-sound need to be a lot smoother

Looking at the other groups and our evaluation sheet we had decided to change the beginning of our film, by having Jake (the driver) by being more of a rebel by having upbeat and rap music in the car instead of a mainstream chart song. Also, we are going to have him smoking in the car and being a more recognisable teenager.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Deadlines for Filming, Editing etc.

11th Jan to 15th Jan: Thriller introduction.

18th Jan to 22nd Jan: Analysis of real and student examples/ Production logos.

25th Jan to 29th Jan: Planning and delivery of pitches.

1st Feb to 5th Feb: Storyboarding, shot lists and other planning.

Cameras are available from Friday 5th Feb at 4.10pm until shooting deadline of 9am Monday 8th March. Students can have 2 overnights or one weekend to film. There are three weekend slots available ( 6th & 7th Feb, 27th & 28th Feb and 6th & 7th March).

8th Feb to 12th Feb: Filming.

15th Feb to 19th Feb: HALF TERM. NO CAMERAS OUT.

22nd Feb to 26th Feb: Filming and editing.

1st March to 5th March: Filming and editing.

8th March to 12th March: 8th March Shooting deadline. 2nd lesson of this week is Rough Cut Deadline. Third lesson of week, rough cut feedback.

15th March to 19th March: End of second lesson of the week is Final Cut Deadline. Last lesson of the week, feedback on final cuts and re-introduction to Evaluation questions.

22nd March to 26th March: 9am 22nd March is Interim writing deadline. Lessons this week are for feedback on interim drafts and revisions/writing.

9am 29th March: Final writing deadline.